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idea is newton's law of cooling? this one makes sense. it has to do with the rate. the rate of cooling is proportional to delta t. in this case, i wouldn't have to be concerned with kelvins because the difference in temperature from here to here and the difference from here to here would be the same. do you see? i'm not taking a ratio. but over here at newton's law of cooling is-- for the rate of cooling is proportional to the difference in-- now what do you mean difference? you know, delta means difference. that means how hot something is compared to what the surroundings are. if this thing here is red hot, and this is maybe something like of 500 degrees above the surroundings, then that's a high delta t. guess what the rate at which this degrees are gonna clip off will be, high rate. see? if i take this thing and warm it up a little bit like this. now, it's a little bit warmer than the environment. how quickly does it cool? not very quickly because delta t is very small. if i put this in an oven and turn it red hot, take it outside. [makes sounds] this thing starts cooling like mad,
attacks are a violation of international law. these drone attacks are a violation of the human rights of the pakistani people. do we all condemn them? we want to send a message to america, the more drone attacks to carry out, the more the people will grow to hate you and raise their arms against you. our tribal people will not be scared off with drone attacks. >> more than 30 u.s. citizens with the group codepink traveled to pakistan to take part in the march and meet with drone strike victims. >> the illegal, immoral, a brutal attacks on the innocent people of waziristan and the fatah region must in now. these are illegal drone strikes carried out by cia. cia is a civilian organization using military equipment rid this is a war crime. >> they are illegal. they are against international law. they invade the sovereignty of pakistan and they are not productive. >> an u.s. protest held in solidarity with the march in pakistan, 10 people were arrested on friday at the hancock field air national guard base in new york. members of the upstate coalition to ground the drones and into the wars
the great myths and the torah - exodus and liberation and the giving of the law of sinai - drive the whole liturgical or ritual cycle throughout the jewish year in terms of festivals. and also meet the needs of rites of passage experiences, like marriage or coming to adulthood in the bat and bar mitzvah - so there it is. another thing they do, besides transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, is rituals imply doing - they imply activity on the part of the believers. and for me, that's why i guess, of all the dimensions, if i had to pick one that just seems to be most interesting, and how odd this is the one where we don't have a roll-in - i guess we've seen plenty of rituals - but that's what's so fun about seeing people do things. whether it's praying or singing or chanting or drumming or dancing, humans are doing it - you can't see religious experience; that's why it's the hardest dimension for me as a teacher to teach. myths, you can read, but they don't capture like seeing someone doing something. yeah, janet? >> i was invited by the kidney foundation to do a little yoga worksh
violate the laws of physics "and show you that mind over matter. "that $300 you've spent for that 15-minute session "is gonna pay off ecause we're gonna apply those techniques "and we' gonna show that you can walk with bare feet on hot coals." and so the people do that. they take off their shoes, bare feet, they step on the hot coals. they walk across and they think they have violated physics. gang, those are hot coals of what? wood. wood. and that wood is verhot, isn't it? how much of that heat in that wood is gonna get to the feet? what does it depend upon? not only the temperature of the wood but something else. begin with a c, end with onductivity. see if you can put it together. what is it, gang? conductivity. it's conductivity. and that conductivity of the wood is good or not so good? not so good. not so good. so when you step with your barefoot on that hot coal, there is a heat transfer. but a lot or a little? what the answer begin with, gang? l. okay, l. okay. so it's a little l, right? and so only it makes sense, little, little heat. only a little bit of heat will get to you
further and made a lemon empire. it all started back in 2004, when zoning laws prohibited her from building on her backyard land, so she built an orchard instead, an orchard that was inspired by one famous lady. >> i love meyer lemons. i have always--from the very first time i tasted one, i thought it was the most wonderful thing i'd ever tasted. so i was looking at this big backyard full of weeds, and i thought, you know what? if martha is using--martha stewart is using meyer lemons, i bet you i could grow meyer lemons and sell them online. > indeed, since martha stewart began using meyer lemons in the nineties, their notoriety has exploded. thin-skinned and slightly less acidic than other varieties, meyer lemons are known as backyard lemons because they're usually too fragile to ship, so therefore they're not often sold commercially. so when karen planted 40 trees in her backyard, she hoped to sell a few to neighbors and friends maybe, but nearly 6 years and 80,000 lemons harvested later, and the backyard fruit has turned karen's backyard into a full-time farming profession. welc
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)

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